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Stintino is a picturesque tourist village located on the North West tip of Sardinia, opposite the Island of Asinara.

Originally a fishing village, it was founded in 1885 by 45 families who lived on the island, after they were made to give up their lands for the construction of the Jail and the Lazaretto. These families settled on a tongue of land between two natural fjords, now recognised as Stintino and its 2 ports.

struttura dei porti di stintino

Portu Mannu is the larger port; it has approximately 350 berths run by different managers. Available services include: water, electricity and fuel. You can drop anchor in the first large outer harbour.

Portu Minore is the smallest port, it is exposed to the wind of levanter and the seabed is not particularly high.

Reaching the town centre with a small stroll is easy from any berth, as the two ports are located within the centre of the village. To the North coast, towards the beach of La Pelosa, there is also a small private marina, which is located just in front of the Island of Asinara: the "Porticciolo dell'Ancora".

The roadstead of La Pelosa is a natural swimming pool, situated close to the homonymous beach and to the South of the small Isola Piana. In the summer it is the destination of many boats that, thanks to its sandy sea floor, can easily and in safely drop anchor. When strong winds from the north-west and north-east blow, mooring becomes difficult due to the fast-moving waves. Here the sea is unique with its spectacular colours. For boats with a considerable draft, it is advisable not to get too close to the tower of La Pelosa, because the seabed does not exceed 1.30 m.

As an alternative to the Rada dei Fornelli, you can drop anchor in the small cove in the east of the Isola Piana, which is well sheltered from the western sector winds. You should pay close attention to the sealing of the still, as the seabed is not uniformly sandy. The town (whose name derives from the sardinian "s isthintinu", the gut, from the name given to the narrow fjord on which it lies) was built between two natural inlets in which there are the two small ports. With a lovely walk on the seafront C. Colombo, you can find restaurants, handcraft shops and local products.

The walk through the streets of the town is an extension of the visit to the village of Cala d'Oliva dell'Asinara of which Stintino follows the layout.

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